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How to style Khadi shirt with shorts

Khadi shirt

What is Khadi Fabric?

Khadi is a handspun and hand-woven fabric that is made from yarns spun from cotton, silk or wool. It was popularized by Mahatma Gandhi as part of his philosophy of self-reliance and Swadeshi movement in India.
Khadi is known for its durability, breathability and comfort. It has become quite popular among fashionistas across the globe who prefer wearing it over other fabrics because of its natural feel.

How to Choose the Right Khadi Shirt

Before you can style a khadi shirt, you have to choose the right one. Khadi shirts come in all shapes and sizes–and they’re not all created equal. The first step is finding one that fits well, whether it’s loose or fitted depends on your personal preference. The next thing to consider is color and pattern: do you want something neutral like white or cream? Or maybe something bolder like red or blue? Finally, think about quality fabric–is it going to last through multiple washes? Is it comfortable enough for everyday wear?

Styling Khadi Shirts with Shorts

  • Selecting the right shorts:
  • To style a khadi shirt with shorts, you need to select the right pair of shorts. You can choose from various styles like cargo, denim or chinos. The most important thing to keep in mind while choosing your shorts is that they should be in sync with your personality and body type. For example if you are tall and lean then it’s best for you to go for longer styles like cargo or chino pants as they will help balance out your height by adding volume at the bottom end of your body frame. On the other hand if you are short then go for shorter styles such as denim or regular khaki pants which will elongate your legs making them appear longer than usual

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Don’t wear the wrong shoes
  2. Don’t pair with fabrics that don’t match your skin tone
  3. Don’t forget to consider the occasion

Tips for Wearing Khadi Shirts and Shorts

  1. Choose the right fit
    When you’re shopping for khadi shirts, it can be difficult to find one that fits well. You want to make sure that your shirt is not too tight or too loose–it should fit snugly around your body without being constricting or baggy. If you’re unsure about how to tell if a shirt fits, try looking at models online and seeing what they look like in their shirts before buying one yourself.
  2. Mix and match colors
    One of the best ways to style a khadi shirt with shorts is by mixing different shades together so they complement each other well! For example: if you have a darker blue pair of shorts on hand (which would go great with this light blue colored kurta), try pairing them with a lighter shade of blue from another article of clothing like an undershirt/tank top underneath said garment instead; this way both pieces will stand out while still complimenting each other nicely!

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